Franchise opportunities

Do you love children?  Do you want the flexibility of owning your own business?

Who Makes the Ideal Stretch-n-Grow Franchisee?

As the premier fitness programme for children, with more franchisees and children involved in improving fitness levels throughout the world than any other programme, we know what to look for in a successful Stretch-n-Grow owner. While we have a diversified group of personalities, there are a few predominant attributes you should possess.

If you plan to teach classes yourself:

  • You must love children!
  • You must be dedicated to fitness and helping to fight the growing problem of childhood obesity.

If you plan to hire others to manage and coach:

  • You must possess a high level of management skills.
  • You must be well organized.

And in both cases, you must have a desire to own your own business!

The Stretch-n-Grow solution is proven. The Stretch-n-Grow system is simple. The Stretch-n-Grow materials are comprehensive. The Stretch-n-Grow market is growing. Our challenge is to find talented people who can say “yes” to the following questions:

Do I enjoy children and exercise? Since these are the two key elements of our programme, if you’re going to teach the classes yourself it’s important that you love kids and want to be fit! One of the great benefits of Stretch-n-Grow is you will get plenty of exercise! Our franchisees improve their own fitness level while having fun exercising with their Stars!

Am I concerned with improving the wellness of our future: our children? Most of the major health concerns in our world today stem from people not developing healthy lifestyles at an early age. Obesity, which often results in heart disease, stroke, diabetes and/or cancer, is a result of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Stretch-n-Grow is attacking the problem at its roots, in young children whose habits have not yet been formed.

Am I a self-starter, willing to apply the self-discipline required to start my own business? Whether you choose the Stretch-n-Grow franchise or another vehicle for self-employment, understand that that choice will require you to “be your own boss.” The plan we provide gives you step-by-step instruction on everything from marketing to running classes to managing coaches. The motivation comes from within.

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, then Stretch-n-Grow may be right for you! Contact Yasmeen Moolla on 083 266 5879 or for more information!

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